Before the Luck Runs Out


“Chanmyr is a charmed world, home to magical people.  Imaginative and magical.  Before the Luck Runs Out brings fantasy to life.  A must-read.” — JA Cullican, international bestselling author of Keeper of Dragons.”

Orphan. Homeless. Half-breed.

For fourteen years Jedda’s home has been in the shadows and alleys of Tatak Rhe- city of the wealthy, powerful, and corrupt. He scrounges for survival in dirty clothes that don’t keep him warm; and he relies in his nimble fingers to keep himself fed. But, buried in his blood lies the gift of magic: an invisible hand guiding his life.

Cold and hungry, Jedda gets caught with his hand on Karrahk’s coin purse -one of the city’s powerful rulers. In that moment, Jedda knows a fear far greater than hunger. But the man sees Jedda’s hidden heritage and makes a decision that will change a hungry boy’s life forever.

Secrets have power.

Karrahk makes use of Jedda’s talent for sneaking around. Jedda works his way into the most powerful circles, making friends and gaining trust so that he can access their secrets. Then he begins to care about them, bringing guilt. When his magic awakens and Jedda sees the ruthless game Karrahk is playing: with power and lives. Has he been helping the wrong side? And is it too late for Jedda to protect his friends and stay alive?



  • “The story ended with me wanting more…sooo that’s how I know I enjoyed, I CARE what happens next?”
  • “Holy Hell!  This book was absolutely perfect! The writing was truly phenomenal.”
  • “I couldn’t put it down.”
  • “My new favorite Fantasy Author.”
  • “GREAT story!”
  • “Your writing is awesome!”
  • “The story ended with me wanting more… what happens next?”

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