Book One: On Borrowed Luck

In a time long since forgotten, humans lived among the gods. Cities filled with magical splendour, powered by the ancient shells that drew on the magical forces, blending magic, light, water and art into a mythical paradise. Myths disbelieved by most, labeling them nothing but stories for children.

In the mysterious city of Tatak Rhe, Kirrin is his own worst enemy. When petty theft and trespassing land him in trouble with one of the ruling Lords in the city, Kirrin turns dire circumstances to his advantage.

Under the Lord’s guidance, he is given training in fighting and stealth. He trains with one of the mythical shadow dancers and chases down pieces of the lost prophecies that predict the return of the lost paradise.

If the zealots, shadow dancers and this crazy-obsessed lord are right..Kirrin might have a future worth building for himself. But his Lord sees a tool in the making, a weapon to be used at his command, and readily disposed of at will if displeased.

Forced into choices and actions that put his life in danger, his world comes crashing down, Kirrin realizes he is running out of time, and he is living on borrowed luck…

What readers are saying about this book

  • Starts out with a bang and keeps on going!
  • Great read.  Cant wait for more!
  • Pick this up if you enjoy great Fantasy Adventure!
  • Fantastic Fantasy Read!
  • Worlds and characters that suck you in!

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