Book Two: Luck’s Pawn

Kirrin struggled to impress Hak’kar and earn his lord’s respect. In the process he has made a mess of his life and made questionable decisions. His mother is being held hostage against his continued service and Hak’kar has more work for Kirrin.

With the help of Fern and Ch’hikk, who remind Kirrin what it means to be decent, Kirrin begins another mission for the So’har Hak’kar. This one will send him south, to spy on one of the border lords.

Kirrin is torn between following Hak’kar’s exact orders, or using his own judgment. If he returns without the information Hak’kar asked for, his life will be in danger. If he takes matters into his own hands and fails, his life will be forfeit. Kirrin loves the thrill of his position but realizes the dangerous line he treads.

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