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Prequel: Stolen Luck

Even though Haki is the younger son of a powerful ruler, he feels the gods calling him to greatness. Clever and devout, he knows he is better suited to rule than his feckless older brother.

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Book One: On Borrowed Luck

Tatak Rhe: a city of wealth and splendor. Ambitious and proud, Kirrin wants a piece of that for himself.

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Book Two: Luck’s Pawn

Kirrin struggled to impress Hak’kar and earn his lord’s respect. In the process he has made a mess of his life and made questionable decisions. His mother is being held hostage against his continued service and Hak’kar has more work for Kirrin.

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Book Three: Before the Luck Runs Out

“Chanmyr is a charmed world, home to magical people.  Imaginative and magical.  Before the Luck Runs Out brings fantasy to life.  A must-read.” — JA Cullican, international bestselling author of Keeper of Dragons.”

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Book Four: Between Luck and Magic

Hak’kar is a dangerous and vengeful man. Jedda, a former spy with a price on his head, has learned this too late. Now, driven away from the two people he loves most, Jedda is on the run with the only two friends he can trust.

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Book Five: A Change of Luck

Back in Before Luck Runs Out, Jedda met and fell in love with Diya. Then he had to flee from Hak’kar’s wrath. Now we get to follow Diya and find out what happens to her after he leaves.

Diya was born and raised to have no demands or expectations. She lived a charmed but frivolous life, waiting to make the perfect marriage. A forced marriage to Hak’kar’s son changes everything.

Rather than submit to such a horrific choice that will put her family in jeopardy, she follows Jedda’s example, and flees.

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Book Six: In Luck’s Shadow

In fear for their lives, Jedda and Diya both went on the run– in different directions.

Diya is still on a mission to save her families dynasty. When she meets the mystic priests, she comes up with a plan that may save them all. But she can’t go home.



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