The Trouble with Luck

Esha and Pasha have just about everything they could want. A nice house, their own ponies, private tutors. The only thing they don’t have— money can’t buy. They have grown up, watching their mother get sicker and sicker, until she is no longer able to care for them herself. But now they are on the brink of awareness and trying to figure out who they each will be. Logical and smart Esha, intuitive and rash Pasha.

After many years of looking after themselves, as well as their mother, the last thing they want is a governess watching over them. The pair of them are smart and devious– no match for nursemaids. Especially one who is afraid of magic. And snakes.

Each incident causes both sides to raise the stakes, a war that is intensified because of their fears for their mother. Will the twins manage to find some stability and balance in their threatened world before their latest opponent crushes their spirit?

What Readers are saying:

“Your writing is awesome!”

“The story ended with me wanting more… what happens next?”

“Pacing is good, story flowed and kept my interest.”

“Great story!”


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