Book Three: Before the Luck Runs Out

“Chanmyr is a charmed world, home to magical people.  Imaginative and magical.  Before the Luck Runs Out brings fantasy to life.  A must-read.” — JA Cullican, international bestselling author of Keeper of Dragons.”


Orphan. Homeless. Half-breed.

Jedda’s nimble fingers keep him fed and alive in the shadowy alleyways of Tatak Rhe. Until the day he gets caught holding the coin purse of Karrahk, one of the city’s most powerful rulers.

Jedda braces himself to be imprisoned, or worse. But Karrahk sees his hidden heritage, a potential Jedda isn’t even aware of, so he takes the thief under his wing.

With some careful grooming and polish, it doesn’t take long for Jedda to work his way into the most influential circles of the city, gaining trust  and uncovering useful secrets. But he never imagined he’d begin to care for some of these rich, frivolous, fools. And when his magic finally awakens, revealing the motives behind each player’s façade, Jedda must confront the fact that Karrahk just might be the biggest player of all.

Can Jedda extract himself from the lies and deceit before his luck runs out, or is it just too late to make things right?


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  • “The story ended with me wanting more… what happens next?”