Welcome Scavengers

It’s definitely time to kick off the summer! You’re probably well on your way through your magical hunt.  While you’re here, you might want to take a look at some of the fantastic free stories I have.

There’s Poking the Bear– about kids having an adventure, playing with magic– what could possibly go wrong…???

There’s When the Wind Calls– about a relationship between one of the magical Faenyr and a human girl, falling in love, and learning to fly. no, really– they learn to fly:)

There’s also an excerpt from Before the Luck Runs Out– which tells the incredible story of a homeless beggar who becomes a spy for one of the city’s most notorious rulers… until his magic wakes up. Jedda’s story combines high fantasy with magical technology for a new flavor that keeps things fresh! And we threw in lies, deception and manipulation– and watched to see what he did.  He’s a really interesting and special kid.  I just had a chance to do an interview with him.  You might want to check that out…some really good stuff in there:)

Anyway- I am just finishing up Between Luck and Magic, which follows Jedda on his continuing journey.  And, you probably need to be on your way, as you have quite an adventure ahead of you, as well!

If you like, sign up for my reader’s group to find out more and get free stories when they come out!




  1. i have been over and over this page, aside from the caps of ur book titles, where is the word for the hunt, the rules strictly say it has to be in caps and between quotations……. u dont have either except for ur book titles in caps……

    • Hello,

      Yes, the word-clue is there. In BOLD RED letters.. you just have to look for it. And the clue for where to look for it is right in the welcome scavengers post. You just have to actually READ the post to know where to look— instead of doing the lazy-quick check.

      • There is nothing in bold red letters in the whole post. There are not even links in the post either, though it looks like you might have wanted some there. I can always send you a screenshot of what we all see so you can see that we can’t see the bold red letters.

      • Found it! 😉

      • Hi!!!
        So, I found the word after a few minutes. But, i do get why some people are getting so upset, there are a few parts that makes it sound like the word is there when it isn’t and I personaly had to look in a bunch of places to figure out where it was. This is just a suggestion, but in the future if you decide to do it again maybe add a hyperlink to the page with the word to make it a little easier, because at the end of the day this hunt was made to be fun and give readers a chance to discover new authors.
        Sorry that this was so long!
        Have a nice day!!! 🙂

        • Hi Meredith:)

          I get it, and as I have gathered based on a lot of other comments– most authors are literally handing their words giftwrapped.. that it makes this one feel harder and frustrating… but a lot of people have been really thrilled by the challenge of having to figure it out and hunt for it:) so the scavenger hunt offers a little bit of both– so it balances out;) Enjoy the rest of your adventure:)


      • I have gone through everything. I cannot find your clue. I am autistic and I love to read, but your clue is just confusing (and apparently missing). There is nothing BOLD RED in the post, and I know you said to look elsewhere and READ, so I did, but I cannot find it. And yes, I checked all over your site.

        • In the post it says– Jedda has “some interesting things to say in his interview.” did you go to the interview post, which is the next post in the blog?

    • I cannot find it either. I see no words bold and written in Red.

      • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

    • I really don’t want to post this for fear of being talked down to. I have read the welcome scavengers post. Many times actually. I am always up for a challenge but you’re being way rude in your comments. Not cool.

      • But you did post this… so clearly you did want to post it…And if any scavenger has asked for a hint or a clue or help… that is fine– but the “its too hard, I can’t find it. tell me the word.”…. think about how that comes across as well. If someone wants to be treated with consideration, then it helps if they are also considerate and not sounding like spoiled children. I don’t mean to sound harsh- and in many of the comments, I used CAPS because it was the way to create emphasis… you need to READ the post and read what it is telling you to do, not just LOOK for the keyword- which I almost guarantee is what several of the complaints were doing. I hope you enjoy the rest of your hunt, regardless and this is not meant to sound offensive– but I try to respond to people who take the time to leave a message, and clarify.

  2. I am sorry…. what is you word?

    • Hello Lorene,

      Yes, the word-clue is there. In BOLD RED letters.. you just have to look for it. And the clue for where to look for it is right in the welcome scavengers post. You just have to actually READ the post to know where to look— instead of doing the lazy-quick check.

      • Lorene Kinslow

        Thank you for the hints. took me a while but I found it. LOL

        • You’re very welcome for the hints:) I suspect that most of the authors set up their page not as a scavenger HUNT, but as a scavenger “here you go” lol;) Congratulations for you;)

      • You would think people would learn from others mistakes and as I’m reading all these posts I can’t help but laugh!!

        • You and me both:) I’ve laughed several times, especially when the response is to say I am being rude or talking down to them. I have gotten several messages that say, I have read the post several times etc etc… and I can’t help but wonder how the clear nudge “go look here” suggestion gets missed…Yes, many of the participants are young teens… I get that… and maybe as teens, mis-read and are quick to take offense at the READ the post, it points you to the word kind of clues. But- the majority of them aren’t even asking for a hint or a clue– just complaining that they can’t find it– so.. who is being rude there…?

          Anyway- hope you enjoyed and are continuing to enjoy the scavenger hunt and have found lots of new books to explore;)


    • Yes, the word-clue is there. In BOLD RED letters.. you just have to look for it. And the clue for where to look for it is right in the welcome scavengers post. You just have to actually READ the post to know where to look— instead of doing the lazy-quick check.

      • I’m sorry, but maybe some formatting went wrong? The only red words in the post are: “June 1, 2017,” “Terimuir,” “Uncategorized,” “bookmark,” and “Talking with Jedda about his Adventures and Danger”

        • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

  3. Yay! Found it.

  4. ughhhh what is the secret word

    • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

  5. It’s there and can be found as previously stated. It took me a min to catch on lol.

  6. I’m sorry, but the only red words in the post are the date, your name, “uncategorized”, “bookmark”, and “Talking with Jedda about his Adventures and Danger”

    • I thought I had responded to this, but in case I didn’t:
      If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

  7. Oh my goodness, that was a good one. I reread this page 5 times and when I saw you said it was in “bold red” I even went to inspect element to turn the background white so the red would pop out…..then I got it hahah That was a good one.

    • awesome. I thought the red would be showing up pretty sharp against the dark blue and white— if you were in the right place;) It seems a lot of scavengers want to race through (no pun intended) without reading or hunting:)

  8. I have looked several times and read the post 4 times still did not see and “bold red words” in the last post

    • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

  9. I can’t find it anywhere on your page. I’ve been thorough every page, read everything and the only things I find in BOLD RED letter are how to buy the books.

  10. Paige Butterfield

    Found the word! Thank you and good job, that was a true hunt! Haha

    • AWESOME! Glad you found it. and remember it is a scavenger HUNT, not a scavenger “hand me my stuff,” game lol;) enjoy your adventure!

  11. Ashley Burnell

    Can’t find the word I have red this port 3 times now and can’t find it.

    • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

  12. Brittany Whitmire

    Just wanted to say that for those who can’t find the word, keep looking through the website… You will find it.

    • awesome that you figured it out:) a little actual reading will send anyone directly to the right place;)

  13. I give up. I read on another author’s blog that you can have 3 empty spots, in case authors forget to post or something.

    • If you READ, actually READ the welcome scavengers post- it does point you directly where to find the word:)

    • I’m with you. I’ve been over this post countless times, tried highlighting to change the color , checked all the other blog posts for the last month, read them word for word, & the only red words I see are links. So guess this is any empty spot.

      • Jennifer- if your had READ THE POST instead of just wanting to magically see and find the word… you would have easily seen that the post tells you EXACTLY WHERE TO LOOK/FIND THE WORD…

  14. I actually figured it out after reading the post a few times.. i swear if it had teeth it would have bite me LOL thanks for the challenge…

    • LOL, once you find it, it all makes sense? and you’re very welcome for the challenge;)

      • Haha took me about 20 minutes to find it! Great job making that a true scavenger hunt!

        • yes- the HUNT part. Actually, it didn’t occur to me that so many people would NOT READ anything, and just want to grab their word and run… ie– not have to LOOK for it:) AND- they scroll past all the comments from you guys telling how you found it, and STILL send a message to complain that they can’t find it…. I thought this was a scavenger hunt for READERS lol;)….Hope you enjoy the rest of your hunt;)

  15. What is the secret word? Plz just give it I have looked several times

    • If you READ the welcome scavengers post– instead of just looking for the word to pop out at you.. it points you exactly where you need to go to find the word:)

  16. Nice job hiding your word! I had to really work for this one. 🙂 I have been reading everything and not just skimming, but the kind of reading needed here is more challenging than most of my college studying was. Loved the challenge!

    • Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed the extra bit of challenge:) A true dragon princess warrior:) And yes- I suppose it did require a bit of the paying attention-thought, rather than the straightforward “here it is,”.. but then it is supposed to be a hunt:)))) Enjoy your story-hunting, best of luck with the contest;)

  17. Okay, I have READ the whole page like 5 times and am unable to find the word so…

  18. Just found the word, you’re kinda being rude to all these people on here, we have all READ the page several times and the only reason I found it was because I was following any rabbit trail I could find. Most people doing the hunt are young teens I’m guessing. So maybe try not to patronize people by putting READ in all caps and automatically assuming they were just being lazy.

    • Emma,

      there have been multiple hints posted in comments, and if the post is read, the hint that points you in the right direction is there. And further, the people who have written asking for help, have gotten it. The people who write just to complain that they can’t find it– that isn’t the same thing as saying, can I get an extra hint… and CAPS is for verbal emphasis/inflection.. which doesn’t have a way to convey in text. and yes- some of the scavengers have just been lazy and quick to say “I can’t find it…” even if you are a young teen, there is a difference in asking for additional help, and complaining.

  19. I had to read through it twice thoroughly (I’m a speed reader and it is hard for me to slow down) before I understood. Even though I had already guessed the word I want to make sure I was right. Thank You!

    • lol…. had to slow down and think it through? yeah- I really didn’t think figuring it out would be that big of a challenge…and I was surprised by how many visitors didn’t seem to have read the post- but were just looking for their “word.”… even skimming past all of the comments and hints there, to send a message:)… Anyway- you’re very welcome. I hope you did well with the rest of your challenge:)

  20. What a clever way to hide the word! Kudos to you 🙂 I managed to find it yay!

  21. I still don’t get it, I guess I’m not as smart as I thought I was because I have “READ” everything on your website multiple times. I’m not just looking for a word.

  22. I’m sorry, but your web-design is a punishment for eyes. For me – and not only for me anyway – was hard to find the word. And now my eyes are hurt because of this RUDE design. It is HARD to read any text here.
    Thank you for this un-healthy challenge.

  23. Well that was an interesting way to hide the word. Kudos to you!

    • thanks:) I am beginning to suspect that most of the authors are gift-wrapping their WORD and handing it directly to the hunters:) which is fine, and their choice, I guess they just get tripped up when they actually have to look, because they don’t expect a change from the other pages…?

  24. That was WAY harder than I was making it….I think.

    • you mean… it wasn’t that hard.. but that you made it harder for yourself somehow…? I think..? 🙂

  25. Yay! I found it after reading the post, reading the comments and reading the post again!

  26. Just have to say that word was really hard to find… but it is there in bold red like T. J. Muir said

    • I guess compared to the others, this one took more hunting:) glad you’re having fun with the adventure:)

  27. This was the more enjoyable hunt so far I am definitely glad I do read the posts x

    • Thank you for participating and for letting me know how much you enjoyed it:) Best of luck in your continuing adventure:)

  28. Shannon Tusler

    Ughhh. I have read and reread the post and the excerpts. I can’t find it. I found a phrase that’s bold by not capitalized. I found 3 words capitalized and bold. Not sure if it’s different for mobile users or not. I will come back and try again. I spent 30 minutes on this page. I do aprreciate making me make the effort. I was so irritated on the other post when it reads ” your secret word is:” I will be back!

    • heya shannon,

      glad you found the challenge refreshing… even though frustrated- you must really like having to work at things, which is fantastic:) if you read the post, there is a hint in the post that tells-suggests where you should look/go to find the word:)

  29. Just rolled my eyes at myself for not finding the hint the first time I read the post…

  30. Lol at some of the comments. Very clever of you leaving a bread crumb trail 😉 Nice one 😀

  31. All the comments were amusing but thank you all for the entertainment! I can’t believe how many people said they “read” through Mr. Muir’s site and didn’t ‘find’ the clue. 😌

    • Yes, I think in the first day most of the hurry-hurry eager hunters raced out, and were not happy when they got stumped:)… but I am thrilled by how many of you really loved having to puzzle through and figure it out. Hope you’ll all stick around or come back again:)

  32. Woah that was harder than I thought it would be, but I found it! Kudos to you, that was a really clever way to hide the word! ☺

    • Hi Holly,

      I’m so glad you worked it out and found your word. I didn’t think what I had done was that unique or insurmountable, so I am really happy at how many of you have really enjoyed your search, and thank you for letting me know, too;)

  33. Shannon Tusler

    Fresh eyes work! Loved the challenge! Thank you!

    • Never underestimate the power and importance of fresh eyes:)… congratulations and good luck with the rest of them!

  34. Im kinda embarrased it took me like 10 minutes to finally understand the hidden clues. *facepalm* But you made it really fun having to hunt for the clue. So satisfying when I finally found it!

    • lol, so you mean you had an “omg that was so obvious”… once you saw it/figured it out? I’m really glad that a lot of you are enjoying the extra bit of challenge. When I signed up to participate, I gather my understanding of a scavenger hunt was a little different than most authors who just said : here is your word. No right or wrong, just different interpretations, I suppose;) kudos and congratulations on your success:)

  35. Oh My Goodness I loved your scavenger hunt. You actually made tricky and fun. Hands down my favorite so far. It took my 35 minutes to find it. Thank you so much for participating in this you made so much more fun.

    • thank you so much wiggly bear… (I am betting there’s a story behind that one;)…and thanks sooo much for letting me know how much you enjoyed the challenge. I feel honored that this stop has been your favorite one so far:) After getting the mixed responses, I started to wonder about getting a group together to create a scavenger challenge hunt… so that everyone had some different way of hiding/coding their word or clue etc… but I guess it would have to be clearly understood that scavengers would be expected to work for it. nothing unsolve-able or ridiculous… but more along the lines of difficulty that mine had.. might find it with the quick aha, or might take 10-30 minutes of thinking/ searching/ de-puzzling…;) what would you think about that one? Maybe a smaller number of authors, but that there would be a weekly addition over the course of the month…? hmmmmmm

      enjoy your ongoing searches;)


  36. Bwahahahahahaha…aggravating yet hysterical! Found it! Too dang funny! Made us work for that one!

    • lol… yes the gremlins tucked that one away slightly:) glad you enjoyed working for it!!!! congrats on your diligence;)

  37. I loved this bit of the scavenger hunt! I was expecting a lot more from the other authors but it seems that you are the only one so far that actually put effort into it so thank you! 🙂
    I wish I had more time to check out the rest of your interview but I really do have to be on my way now 🙂 have fun telling the rest of the commenters to READ AND ACTUALLY READ XD

    • Glad you loved the extra bit of challenge! and yes, am sure you have quite a few stops to make still. But– you can always come back later… we’ll be here.. cooking up new ways to keep you challenged;) Maybe I should do an in-site (for my readers and people just on this site;) scavenger challenge… wonder what that might look like;)

  38. This is extremely frustrating! I have read other’s comments & your responses as well as the blog post ad nausium & cannot find the clue. Is there some other hint you could offer? I’m feeling pretty stupid right about now. Thank you

    • aawwww…. it’s okay;)… in the post, it mentions that Jedda has some hinthint interesting things to say in his interview… that should be the next post on the blog…;) don’t feel stupid… especially since most of the sites have literally been handing their words with bows on top;)

  39. I FINALLY FOUND IT. I kept reading and re-reading and I was beginning to think I was legitimately stupid because I couldn’t find it. Super satisfied now.

    • hi Ben,

      congratulations!!! I guess this one felt harder, because no one was expecting it not to be right-there, waiting for them– based on how most of the authors set their pages up. I bet you’re feeling pretty thrilled right now:) So I probably shouldn’t tell you how many clues there were, and close to outright “go here” hints…. ended up in the comments…? :)))) Go forth and conquer, brave hero of the scavenger hunt;)

  40. Corrie McMurtry

    Finally found it! I’m just not good st navigating blogs and such. But i got it! Snd some stories.

    • Hi corrie,

      what kind of stories would you like? did you check out the free short stories on the site? You can get them through the link to amazon— so you don’t even have to sign up for anything:)

  41. I did find it, but not because of the post. I did read the post. Several times in fact. And not just skimming. I spent several minutes on the whole thing. It seemed to imply you were putting the hint on one of your book pages. So I went to all of them. And it wasn’t there. Only through looking at a comment you wrote in reply to someone else’s basically telling them where to go did I find it. Perhaps too many bolded words. I’m all up for those picture games or crossword puzzles, I would love a hunt! But when there are too many things that look hint like it becomes frustrating clicking through everything. Just my two cents on this.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Valid feedback. I appreciate it. And yes- this one is definitely a think-hunt rather than a ‘find the word” like a word- search. I think the hard part is because most of the authors are neatly handing the words out. And that’s fine– I didn’t say that to be judgmental. But then I think it set the expectation of “how to find the word,” that didn’t work when scavengers landed on this site:)

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