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So, I have a bunch of house-projects I need to do. Spring-cleaning, deep-cleaning. Primary on that list is pulling the carpet out of the downstairs to pressure-wash it outside and let the sunshine bake it back to minty-freshness:)

My housemate volunteers to do the heavy lifting, because I have “office work” to do. Ten minutes later, he comes up with a question. Here I am, at my desk, with a large piece of paper and a fistful of colored sharpies in my hand.

Well, this looks bad.

I look up. “It’s not what it looks like. Really”

He doesn’t say anything. I don’t think he really minds. Still, the tiny wave of guilt.

“I want to color in the very-bad map I made of my world, to share with my readers.”

There. Exonerated. Whew.

It was the truth. And sitting here afterwards, I think it’s pretty funny. My job, I get to sit at my desk, and color. It isn’t great. In fact, at this stage, it outright sucks. But I did want to share a visual overview of Chanmyr with you guys. Becase that is so much easier than writing and editing lol:)

So, this is an example of a bad-map:) The original black-in map was something I created to help me visually fix places on paper and figure out things like distances and world-geography. I suck at maps. And I am okay with that;)

the refrigerator-door artwork entry

It is not perfect and it isn’t exact. For example, I think the Faenyr lands are wider than they appear. But- that is a magical-based construct and I can’t figure out how to represent that on paper. It’s a tardis-thing:) I may change the map to better represent actual sizes. Or maybe I should create a Faenyr map and note it as an insert:)

Anyway- You can see the general locations of the main places. Tatak Rhe, Treyu, South Coast and White Coast, and Old Fall (whose inhabitants argued I should be using the original name, Dakar Aj.:)

The green areas are heavy forest, brown lines are roads, dotted lines are maybe-roads/wagon trails. Blue for rivers etc. I also wasn’t sure how to represent the highlands and the towering cliffs that divide the two regions.

any questions- hit me up in the comments:)

I tend to make rough sketches of places to help me feel the layout. I have several other sketches– if you want me to, I will share them and explain how they came into being. But, I suspect you may much prefer seeing pictures of baby goats! 🙂

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