Happy Birthday and thank you, Mum!

My mum would have been 98 on Sunday. It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone for ten years now! She was born fifty years too soon. You’ll understand why, in a minute;) She became a nurse, and was an officer in the army, during world war II. Nursing was one of the few professions open to women.

Had she been born later, I suspect she would have gone to MIT, and become a brilliant engineer. She always had an incredible knack for figuring things out and coming up with ideas. On top of her education, she was amazingly self-taught. She knew how to do wiring, basic plumbing, tile work, and took several auto-mechanic courses through continuing education. I remember that day, when she said she was tired of our mechanic (Bob Mortenson) treating her like she didn’t know what she was talking about! She had a whole set of tools, a creeper-dolly and no fear of getting greasy-dirty! Rock on, mom!

Growing up, it never occurred to me how unusual this was. As the youngest of four children, I probably saw more of this than my siblings. And I grew up with “go look it up,” whenever I was asking questions. side-note, had I known the internet would become a push-button for all information, I probably would NOT have earmarked the encyclopedias as “mine” (someday claims when we were young– and evidently, not psychic!:)

But from that, I probably gained my resilience and the ability to leap into new endeavours. From training dogs and horses, to sales-marketing, having an armor-weaponsmith business with the EX (another long and murky story), to getting a masters degree in education. And now, writing. I have never taken any life-setback as a defeat. Only as the need to redirect and regroup.

I have always loved reading and almost always wanted to write. So now, many years later, I have come back to that starting point, but richer for the journey. I know I have my mother to thank for that, who always tried to support her emotional-creative black-sheep child:)

I picked up the little azalea bush, as a memento to the ones we had in front of the house where we all grew up. The alternative was getting a red delicious apple tree, because that was her favorite apple. Unfortunately, as much as I revere my mum and hope she has found a happy afterlife… that was one thing I could not bring myself to do:)

One thing this has made me do, is decide I need to create a real kick-ass mom for my story. I just don’t know who that might be—– yet!

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