About TJ

TJ and Murdock hiking

I read The Hobbit when I was ten- and read the whole series a thousand times over, before I was sixteen. I also read a lot of the classic sci fi and fantasy books.  A few years later, a friend introduced me to the books that made me a convert: CJ Cherryh. A list that quickly grew and expanded.  After being a lit major/anthropology, I found a deep appreciation in fantasy and sci fi. The combination of entertainment reading, and tackling deep and important issues- I was hooked.

In my writing, I draw on my shamanic training and comparative religion, as well as cultural anthropology and medieval history- crafting complex worlds and believable cultures.  I draw on all my past experiences- from horse training, to sword-making as well.  But mostly, I enjoy playing the “what if” game, and then turning characters loose and watching what happens.

The end result is a world that lays just outside our own reality- that just maybe, we can reach one day.  Until then, we can share their adventures in the stories they bring to life.