Birthday Road Trip

So- it was my birthday.  I’ve never been into huge parties, etc. Although the bonfire or outing with friends is always fun.


This time- I had a road trip that I’ve been meaning to make for a while. Burlington is 90minutes plus drive.  But there was a new mattress I wanted to look at and pick up (if I liked it). There is a business there, formerly called recycle north, that works with youth build USA, and they deconstruct houses and buildings.  I wanted to check for windows and a storm door, as well as a handful of other little things.


So my friend brought over his utility trailer and we bundled off for a day trip.  Found a lovely mattress for a reasonable price.  it’s not brand-new.. and OMFG_– why have mattresses become so expensive? 1400.00 for a new mattress? is it giving back massages and reading bedtime stories??? Anyway- I found two almost-perfect replacement windows and a storm door that was a perfect-size to replace the old one that had some damage.  total cost for storm door? 15.00.


Then we poked around a bit before heading back home.  I chronicled the road trip on Instagram..but I’ll post a few pics below, as well.

I had a fun day.. did something that I needed to do for almost 2 months.. and saw some incredible fall scenery! Had a great dinner and a decadent dessert:)

Oh- and the storm door?  it turned out to be one of those things.. that actually only took 20 minutes, like estimated. Unlike so many things where it looks like it will only take 20 minutes, but it takes 2 days, a bottle of tequila and therapy-processing after the fact before its done..:)

Dinner was not as exciting as I expected. Store-bought general tso’s chicken.. is NOT the real deal! (shocker:). But I had a fantastic tortellini salad and custard creme pie with some “should carry the decadence label” belgium chocolate ice cream, for desert.

I didn’t get to the bonfire and burdocks– yet.  This weekend, with a nice hard cider to celebrate! (stay tuned for pics;)



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