Diving into the Fantastical, in Epic Fantasy


I readily and completely admit that I am still a newbie as to genre, sub-genre and niches.  Somehow I think I may be an indie writer (genre-blurring) with a bit of the old-school traditions/approaches. I know one of the biggest differences, is POV.  Many of my indie author colleagues have made the suggestion to try writing in first person.  Granted, I think a lot of them are new adult and young adult. I think epic and high fantasy may still be told in the standard third person:)

Anyway- I know that even with today’s blurred lines that there are still standard expectations and tropes.  And I know that doesn’t mean every book/ story is a formula.

But I had what I think is an awesome idea to work into my chanmyr series. One of those big-ticket kind of items. It was a huge Aha, moment, as a world-building aspect clicked into place.

The tarishve are a kind of half angelic, half devic, mystical race.  Little is known about their origins or history.  They serve the land- and are bound to it.  They rebalance the magical and cosmic energies.  And while I’ve long since had the understanding that these beings are not the fairy godmother kind of guardians, I hadn’t found a way to really convey the foreign-ness and disconnect.  While we, as humans think in terms of days weeks seasons and years, the Tarishve process in much larger time scales, and using  very different mechanisms.

they can watch time flows, cosmic flows, and adjust accordingly.  that doesn’t mean they stop bad things from happening.  in fact, in many instances, they inadvertently cause a lot of upheaval.  In some cases, literal upheaval- of the land.

I had a great visual lead-in/ opening as a prelude to use in book 2 of the Chanmyr Chronicles. one of the characters wakes up, looks out the window. the mountain that has stood there for a million years is just… gone:)

There’s a definite reason, and there will also repercussions on the human-mortal level, including a good bit of panic and fear.  After all, mountains just don’t disappear, not even in magical worlds.

So now that I have had the “grand idea,” I get to play around with all of the possibilities generated from a single event- I’m really starting to get excited about book 2.  So I should probably finish editing and complete the ending of book one already:)

What’s the most fantastical event you’ve read about in a book, anyway?  share in the comments:)

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