Epic Fantasy shows I can’t wait to see!!

I know everyone is really hoping for the next GoT. Yeah, well, so am I!

So, evidently Amazon looks like it plans to conquer the streaming platform next. It’s got THREE epic series. The Lord of the Rings (wow-factor, even though we all know the story:). I wonder who they will find to play the roles. Who do you imagine as Aragorn, or Legolas? Can you see anyone besides the ones we already know?

The Wheel of Time– I didn’t love the books.. I think they are well done, but I don’t think I am their target reader. Still, I think it is a world that is richly developed and carries a very classic epic storyline that should translate well.

It’s also doing Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. I think I read the one book, many years ago. Liked it a lot. I am not familiar with the series- but I mean.. it’s Stephen King- pretty reliable material:) I’m not a huge fan of his horror, or reading horror in general, but there is no doubt that he is a master of the craft!!! Stories like Dolores Clayborne and Shawshank Redemption– which are completely different genres, as is TDT, attest to his gift as a writer:)

Then there’s Anne Rice (not my niche), doing the vampire chronicles.

Narnia which should be pretty good, but somehow I see that as being more YA than powerful epic. I wonder how they can create that to appeal to an older audience…? hmmmmm Same with His Dark Materials.. but I loved those books enough to not-care if they are more YA lololol:)…

And then there’s the Kingkiller books, by Pat Rothfuss– I’ll so be itching to see that. I read the first two books cover to cover, with a few sleepless nights sandwiched inbetween. A few people have compared my books to his, but I’m not sure I see it…I am flattered, though:)

Next out, SSSOOOOON presssscioussss, though, is the Witcher. I know nothing about this one. It looks stunning, and Netflix generally doesn’t disappoint (with few exceptions:)…I am sooo eager to see this though– mostly because I’m getting desperate for some really good fantasy!!!

Which one are you looking forward to? Or is there something else you would LOVE to see turned into a series?

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