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What and Where is Chanmyr? Well, there’s no quick and simple way to answer that.  Sorry.  It is a rich and full world with different races and cultures.

The primary two races are the Faenyr and the Chanmyr. The Faenyr were there first- so I am sure you are wondering why the land would be named after the new-comers?  Good question.

That’s mostly because the Faenyr are a bit zen, or taoist about the world- to use human-normal terms. They don’t tend to get hung up on labels as such. But when you are born with magic innately in your blood- who cares what you call the planet, right? Granted, not all of the Faenyr are uber-mages, wielding godlike powers. In fact, they don’t tend to think or care much about who has stronger magic.

Among the Faenyr are two sub-races: the Tajynal and the Shendahal. Tajynal are golden tawny skinned, and dwell on the plains.  They are excellent horsemen and builders- they prefer to build with bamboo and hemp.

The Shendahal live more to the north and west, and are more forest and mountain dwelling.  They are less of a tawny coloured and more a woodsy hued, skin is more fair, but with a hint of ruddiness and more earth tones to hair and eyes. They are good at working with wood and stone, and are excellent hunters.

The Chanmyr are more like humans. They screw up more, and as such, are far more interesting! They can learn magic- but they have to work at it.  And, the magic they learn is a bit different than Faenyr magic.

And then there is the fabled mythic race of the Tarishve. No one truly knows quite what they are.  They aren’t gods, are a bit like angels or deities, but are also grounded to the physical world.  They possess the ability to replenish the magic-energy that courses through the world. But on the other hand, they are a bit like nature deities, as well.  They may disappear-literally- for ages… into a rock, or a tree or the rivers. And they may re-appear just as suddenly and seemingly randomly.

Inbetween the two races is the emerging hybrid race of Faen-myr.  children of mixed blood. Many possess some degree of magical ability, combined with the more human insecurities and ambitions.

And then there are elementals, like the Water Dragon.  But that’s a bit of a sneak peak and you’ll learn more about that whole story, later:)

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