Interesting Infographic on Fantasy Trends

I just saw this great image on Best Fantasy books. I’m always amazed at what I discover on my journey as a new indie fantasy author.  and while I think my books are more in the epic, high and low fantasy… I have been learning a lot from the Young adult, urban fantasy and paranormal authors. a LOT.

For instance, I have been developing a cover for my latest story, Poking the Bear. Well. my latest education came from putting the cover up for feedback.  the feedback is great- this is no slight or insult to any of the wonderful authors who gave me input.  What I learned- is that shape-shifter were-bear paranormal romance… is a thing. Say what?  yeah.  it’s a real thing.

I suppose I spend too much time under my little epic-rock- because apparently, the times they are a-changin:)

I also just read an article on trends in covers, and trends in titles. I think I might run a contest to see who can come up with the best formulaic title:)

So- what are your reading interests and what are your thoughts on the current reading trends? Are you more traditional and mainstream(not sure of the word i want here) or are you all over the new trends?


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