Magic, fantasy, and the brain

I just watched this video and it got me thinking. DO you think there is a special area in the brain for magic? Not like a “magic gland or lobe” etc.. but it got me to wondering….
If some people have a better affinity to use magic– what is it that makes that happen? And I know it would be different for the Faenyr, and Chanmyr…but what do you guys think?
In Chanmyr, magic is an energy, or a field, like the aether around us- invisible, bu present- everywhere. That is why planets have more influence over both Faenyr and Chanmyr lives. The Faenyr have the ability-inherent to weave these forces into everything they do. Some more than others.
I am thinking that for the Faenyr, it might be regions of higher-awareness/psychic/intuition– depending on how their magic manifests. I think also- maybe the Faenyr might have an actual brain difference. Maybe there IS a unique gland, like the pineal gland? Or their pineal gland or some other region is more developed…
For the Chanmyr- maybe the same regions would apply, but they use them differently? They cannot feel this magical field. It’s a bit like being color blind, or tone deaf. they simply lack that capacity. But since no one has it, they don’t feel its lack. That is why the sacred shells were created– to rebalance the stupid-blind shit humans do that unbalances the natural forces in the world.
But Chanmyr can learn magic based on spells. That magic has to do with learning to use sound, vibration, sacred geometry and intention that create a spell. It would be the way a deaf person might learn to play the piano. They never hear the music, bu they can learn the mechanics, timing etc in order to affect a result. So, what kind of special brain gifts would a person need to be gifted in Chanmyr magic? Would it be some combination of existing brain functions, or maybe something unique and wild?
I know that all human children are born with the ability to speak ALL languages, babbling in sounds from every language in the world– BUT, they soon stop babbling in all sounds but the language they hear daily. It is also theorized that children are born with psychic ability, or potential…strong intuition and empathy, more than moving objects with their minds– sorry:)… But that this ability is like the capacity for multiple languages that is not reinforced. It is not reinforced. Therefore, it disappears after the first few years of life.
What does this have to do with magic? Well, it is about how wild weird and wonderful our brains are. If we can understand things like this.. it can help me/ us to think about HOW magic might function. Have any wild ideas?  Share them in the comments.

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