Updates, Apologies and Thank-you!

New Artist- didn’t realize Jedda wasn’t a girl when he created this sample from the original cover.

First and foremost, I want to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for book four. I am between a third and a half of the way done– but as previously noted, I have not gotten a lot of writing done this fall. A lot of LIFE has been happening– is Mercury retrograde again, does anyone know? Gremlins have definitely been busy! A string of Car malfunctions (expensive buggers, too!!!:), tenant and household things (finding a tenant who isn’t going to steal my laptop/money/sanity.  Yes, that happened:)), and making sure everything is snug for winter– I live in a cold climate in a large converted barn (read: not so thermo-dynamic:). I have been on the hunt for a good developmental editor, or intern/apprentice, since I am down an editor these days. That has been a large factor, but no excuse. For those of you that don’t know, I do live with chronic lyme, and epstein-barr. Most days, these things are manageable, but sometimes they get ahead of me. This fall has been one of the harder stretches, and a lot of the time, my brain has no neurons left. Sad face:) BUT- I did hire a new illustrator for the covers. I have signed a contract with a large company to produce audiobook versions of Chanmyr. AND- I am still writing in my head, and planning. So in bits and increments, things are moving forward, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I know what it is like to wait impatiently, and then find out I have to wait a bit longer. Another sad-face:)

And now, a thank you!

To all of you who offer feedback– both good and bad! Those reviews are helpful to me. So are your letters and FB comments. They tell me what works and what doesn’t– so I know what and how to focus on, as I move forward with this long epic series.

I know many of you fell in love with Kirrin, and were disappointed by the switch to Jedda as a main character. Know two things. Jedda’s books were written first. On Borrowed Luck is the latest-written in the series. This is also why it is a stronger book. I am learning and getting better with developing the world with each book I write. Jedda does have his role to play. But– neither he, nor Kirrin are a main character. This series is much more like George Martin’s world, where many characters have roles to play. Some you may love, and others not. I want to spend more time with Fern and Ch’hikk, as well as some of the Faenyr– not sure who, yet:)…And there are a number of characters waiting in the wings, too. K’shai, Raven, Hunter, Taojhi, more Gherant and his brother Nash(whose name might change:), the temple priests, the shadow dancers– and probably more that I haven’t even met yet! You may even hear from Kirrin again!!!

So, keep telling me what works, and what doesn’t. And please be patient with me, just a little bit longer. Next year, meaning 018 (coming soon) I will be transitioning out of the part-time job. That will leave me with a lot more time, and energy, to crank out more books in this series!!! I want you guys to be happy. That means more books, great stories, and characters you love, and hate, and cheer for!

Here’s to a great holiday season, for everyone!


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