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Okay, so the Faenyr aren’t exactly elves.. but as a mythical, magical race… they’re kind of close…;)

Qwatcha is a Faenyr term that loosely translates as “rounding things up,” or “collecting things.” It is also what they call one of their favorite mounted games.  It is a bit of a relay race, combined with capture the flag.  It is played by most Tajynal children, the way children in our world would play soccer or football. It is how the truly master their horsemanship as well as cooperative skills.. and sometimes sneaking in a bit of magic- even though its generally against the rules.

The coolest thing about this horseback game?  It could actually be played. Minus the magic-cheating, of course.  Unless you’ve got some mad magic skills… if you do… drop me a note;)

So- how is the game played?

There are four riders ( or more) on each team/side. Each team has four batons.

There is a BASE/HOME barrel filled with sand at each end of the large playing field. The batons are stuck in the BASE, which is at the far end of the field. The opponents batons are stuck in the sand of the opposite barrel.

The baton must be passed in order, to each rider. The last rider must get the baton to it’s “HOME”

Rider ONE gets the baton from the BASE, which is the opposite team’s HOME. He or she must ride to and pass the baton to rider TWO.

Riders play offense and defense. The riders not involved in passing the baton try to block and protect the carrier. These riders also try to intercept the other team’s baton.

If a baton is intercepted, it returns to BASE, and that relay repeats.

The baton must be handed, it cannot be thrown. Riders cannot dismount.

The baton can be intercepted by another rider grabbing it. If a rider from the other team gets hold of the baton- it must be released. In advanced games, riders may elect that they are allowed to hop-horses, onto the baton-carriers horse, which will sacrifice the baton to the opposing teams player.

The game is won when all four batons from either team have been placed into their BASE.

With junior players, no-collisions rules often apply.

This sounds like a lot of fun.  I’d love to see someone actually playing it and making it even more exciting and interesting.


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