NANOWRIMO, Editing and Mental Magic

Okay, so halfway through 2016 NANOWRIMO (national novel writing month).  I am only a teeny bit “under target” at this point, with around 28,500 words. Some of that is on editing-revisions on Luck, and some of it is going into the Luck-sequel– which still needs a name:).  I gave myself a hard deadline for finishing revisions though.  On the 20th, Luck goes out for formatting. Yay!


Anyway- I have still been doing a lot of worldbuilding as I go along.

It’s been a lot of fun.  This one is a children’s game, used as a tool for developing magic, and the mental strength to use magic.


I have written about the game Polarity, that kids play, using a ball and running around.  But that is not how it started! THE ORIGINAL POLARITY is a mental-magic building game.

Two people shift into magic-higher awareness. They merge magic to create the “ball” which they navigate back and forth, separately.

The “playing field” consists of an end-goal…the pole-shift and several obstacle-defense areas on each side. (think mental fooseball or finger pool).

The ball has two polarities, magic-similar to a magnet. Player-one must bring the ball to their home-pole to switch the polarity. The “ball” changes color slightly when this happens, and will flow across to the other side more readily. Player-one must navigate the ball around solid-spots toward the goal. Player-two is trying to navigate the ball away, and “dock” the ball on his own pole… where the ball shifts polarity, and can be navigated across to the other goal.

This game is designed-intended to be played by people of comparable levels. Unequal-ability other than for teaching-training purposes is frowned upon as pointless. Bad taste. The goal of playing is to refine magic and mental acuity.


What do you think?  Pretty cool?

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