FB ads Round Two, or.. I can do it better myself!!!

So, as you all may know- with this latest release I have decided to start taking myself seriously.  Not just as a writer and author, but in the whole enchillada.  I determined to launch On Borrowed Luck more professionally.  I lined up newsletters and promotional opportunities.  Then I decided I needed to jump in with both feet, and decided to try my hand at paid promotion services.  I lined up social-media promotional services, and then added in FB marketing services.


Well—- while it was a good learning experience, overall it was a dismal result. I was less than satisfied with the services. Granted, they did provide precisely what they offered, but I don’t think it was nearly as well managed as it could have been.  The biggest issue I had- was the lack of responsiveness from the providers. I contacted them, expressing my concerns that maybe we needed to revisit the ads they have built because they weren’t targeting my optimal audiences. Zero response.  The best response I got was “return on ROI can vary.”  That’s it?!!!

Well, needless to say, I didn’t continue with them.  I turned to some of the more reliable support forums, and I picked up Michael Cooper’s “Help! My Facebook ads suck.” And I went through it step by step, religiously. I am beginning to learn and understand the basics. In the end, it is costing me less and I am getting better results!


So- here are two of my FB ads.  They are very similar.  Tell me what you think?  Would you pause to read— if you saw this on FB?  What kind of book/story etc would you be expecting from it?  And- if you click/clicked on it and went to Amazon’s page for On Borrowed Luck, would you be disappointed, or more interested?

My one glitch in the ad:  someone since mentioned that I should specify that the books is available in Kindle-Unlimited.  Oooops!  (still learning:)


anyway- I should have my latest free short story SOOOnnn!  Just waiting on cover art and last round of feedback from my advance readers. This week’s goal: tackle book-four! stay tuned…

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  • Alice
    October 19, 2017 - 6:47 pm · Reply

    I have read your luck books 1 2 and 3 when is 4 coming out your said summer of 2017 and it is fall now any dates yet???
    please let me know
    a fan
    thank you

    • Terimuir
      October 19, 2017 - 6:55 pm · Reply

      hi there!

      glad you are loving the series so much that you are impatient for the next book. Yes, I know I had hoped-planned for BK4 to be out over the summer. Then I kind of lost my developmental editor… or half-lost… as she just got swamped with projects. And I picked up a summer work-gig as well—- foolishly thinking I had plenty of time to do both! ha!!! Anyway- My current goal is to have BK4 done to release before thanksgiving. If not, then I may pre-order it and release in Jan. That’s because the holidays are a ****bad time*** for new authors to release books;)… but– don’t panic! There is a good chance I might wrap it up in time for editing and release. OR, if you are really dedicated to following the series you can sign up to be a beta-reader ARC (advance review copy) reader. And you can also follow updates on my FB page (I def need to pay more attention to the blog though:).. http://facebook.com/tjmuirauthor

      And now I will stop yapping and try to get back to writing. You will love BK4 though, as so many of the threads I have been weaving, start coming together. This one will follow Diya, as she grows and changes.. and then will have two POV threads, as we pick up with where we left off with Jedda:) This is a little bit of what makes this one more of a challenge.. multiple POV novels have a slightly different feel re pacing, plot and character development…:)

      are you excited yet?

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