Game building in Fantasy: Polarity

This is a rough mock-up, and my graphics skills need work:)


Polarity combines several different layers and aspects. There are two teams, ideally made up of nine players on each side. Four handlers. Four Kickers, and a goalie. The game is played with a roughly triangular inflated ball made of leather.

The playing field is one hundred strides (yards) in length, divided into six sections. At each end, there is a goal-zone. 2/3 of the team’s side is the kicker’s zone. The middle of the field is the handlers zone.

The ball starts in the middle of the field, thrown randomly. The ball is tossed from player to player, trying to move the ball down towards the goal zone.

Once the ball has been caught, the handler cannot move more than one step, in order to throw the ball on to another player.

Once the ball has passed into out of the handler zone, the kickers take possession. Kickers play defense in their own zone, trying to intercept the ball and defend the goal zone. Kickers can cross the Handlers’ Zone to play offense and try to score a goal. They cannot touch the ball or interfere with play in the Handlers Zone.

Once a team has possession of the ball, possession changes to the other team if they score. The defending team can also take possession of the ball by putting the ball through the Polarity Hoop.

So when the ball is in the Kicker’s Zone, Defense is trying to prevent the opponent from scoring, while also trying to “Hoop the ball.” Once the ball has been hooped, the defending team will try to move the ball up the field to their goal zone. The offensive team now must put the ball through their own Hoop, before they can bring the ball back down to their goal.

Most teams keep a Hooper, a player who is highly skilled at putting the ball through the Polarity Hoop.

I am still working on ideas for scoring, special points or feats (like a hat trick, in hockey), as well as rules and penalties. I might need to find some very outgoing and adventurous people to try playing this game so I can see how it works, live…:)


Would you play?  and would you rather be a handler or a kicker?  Would you be good enough to be a Hooper?

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