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It’s been a long– and crazy summer! My progress with the series got a little detoured, as I spent the summer milking cows on a friend’s farm.  A fun experience, and I’ve made a few new cow-friends: Cruella and Dina.  I’ll try to get some pics of them.  And the goats here have kept me busy.


But at long last, On Borrowed Luck is completed and released.  Part of the delay came from a major decision.  I realized I needed to have customized concept-art covers done for all the books.  This series is stellar, and it deserves to be packaged in a top-rate five-star wrapper!


It took a while finding the right artist, and then it took a while wrestling with the artist, and the struggle to communicate what I had in mind, versus their artistic “vision.” It was a learning experience, to say the least!


But I now have three flashy and top-rate covers, with typography by an amazing guy who really stepped in and saved what could have turned into a disaster.


Tell me what you think of the covers in the comments below?  No- seriously.  I really want and need to find out what you– as a fantasy reader– see and expect when you look at them.  What do you imagine the books to be about, and who they might be for? This way I will know if these are the best covers, or if I still have some work to do:)

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    • Terimuir
      October 14, 2017 - 12:49 am · Reply

      you guys keep asking those pesky questions!! 🙂 Yesterday I would have been hemming and hawing and trying to think up a clever non-answer:) But I have been digging back into book-4 and feel better about its progress. In a perfect world- I would like to release it just before thanksgiving…. so keep that motivation coming:) If I can’t finish it in time to release mid-november, I am afraid it will wait until after the holidays…. But- if you are super-eager and don’t want to waste away you can join my ARC crew and/or beta readers so you get the inside scoop and advance read:) In the meantime, I need to get back to Jedda… and then Diya. This one is two POV, following Diya from the end of Before Luck Runs Out…as well as catching up with Jedda and hoping he climbs out of his black pit of despair:) But some very cool new stuff, too!!! I just posted a snippet on the FB page, if you follow that…?

      until then– send cookies:)

      OOOH- and if there is anything you would REALLLYYYY like to read more about– let me know!! Now is the time to speak up:) (read: I need more ideas lololol;)

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