Talking with Jedda about his Adventures and Danger

Jedda is on his way out of Tatak Rhe.  We caught up with him just outside the city.  He was a little sore and looked out of place. But he was kind enough to stop and answer a few questions for us. 

Jedda: I don’t really have much time.  We are in a bit of a hurry.

That’s okay.  Just a few quick questions?

Jedda: okay.

What was it like, leaving Tatak Rhe?

Jedda: It was pretty scary, and sad. That city was all that I had ever known, my whole world. . But Tatak Rhe isn’t the whole world, after all. I knew that, from looking at maps but it isn’t the same as standing outside the city and seeing the world around it: the great river, the mountains beyond, the plains to the west. After the fear wore off, it felt like an adventure– except for being chased by assassins.  That part wasn’t so good.

You said it was sad, also.  Can you explain about that?

Jedda: I never expected to have friends, especially not the very people I was sent to spy on and betray. I know they didn’t know who I really was, but most of the time that didn’t matter, especially with people like Trey and Diya. I wish I had told them the truth. And now they are far away and I miss them.  I didn’t know it was possible to feel this bad about people. I think also, that I always hoped that one day I might find my mother again and find out why she left me.

Do you think your mother is alive?

Jedda: I don’t know. I don’t think so, but maybe that is just me.  Some days I wish I would find her and everything would be okay again. I hoped she would have a reason for just leaving me all alone.  Something that would make sense, because how could anyone just abandon their kid? I think she loved me.  I can’t really remember much, but I really feel like she did.  So why else would she just leave, unless something terrible happened?

When you left Tatak Rhe, Cham took you to an ancient shrine.  Can you talk about that?

Jedda: I don’t like to talk about that.  I don’t understand what happened there. Not even Cham understood it.  It was bright and magical and scary. He said it belonged to a RACE that is older even than the Faenyr.  Old  magic–, no, ancient magic stirring there. No.  No, I’ve said too much.  I don’t want to talk about that anymore.

That’s okay. What do you see next for yourself?

Jedda: Well, I need to find a way to keep my friends safe.  Hak’kar is dangerous and he doesn’t forgive and he doesn’t forget.  He’ll want to have revenge for us betraying him, loyalty is a big thing with him.  Funny, that.  Crazy bastard like that, and all the horrible things he’s done, but loyalty counts with him. Cham has a plan, and I think it’s a good plan.  Kirrin thinks so and he’s a hard man to convince.

Will Kirrin be staying with you?

Jedda: I think so.  I hope so. He’s always looked after me, kind of like a brother, or a father, I guess. I can’t imagine him not being there.  I feel safer having him with me.  –The horses are ready.  I really have to leave now.

Thank you for talking with us. Journey safe.  Perhaps we will meet again soon.

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    • Terimuir
      June 3, 2017 - 6:04 pm · Reply

      Glad you loved this part of your adventure challenge. Hope the rest is as fun and rewarding for you:) Congratulations and good luck:)

  • Diana
    June 4, 2017 - 7:37 pm · Reply

    *flops head onto desk after laughing herself silly* omg! that was so hilariously easy once one actually followed your pointer in the welcome scavangers. Sometimes I think we make things too hard on ourselves. It was big, bold and red as a fire engine!

    • Terimuir
      June 4, 2017 - 9:12 pm · Reply

      hey there

      ooh good! I thought it should be a super easy “there’s the clue/pointer” ta-da… and was surprised at how many were getting stumped and angry on day one;) So glad you had your “duh” moment and thought it was pretty funny… and yes, sometimes we tend to over-think things and get stuck..

      best of luck as you continue… hope you come back for future visits:)


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