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A whole new year, a new season and new books on the way.

Are you excited?

Last December, I realized the Chanmyr series needed an overhaul.  New covers, new edits, expanded stories.  It’s been a fun challenge.

I also hired some interns, who have been working hard on several of the books. On Borrowed Luck added 15000 words from its original form and is currently going through a post-release round of edits to make it even better.

It introduces us to Kirrin and the people that impact the choices he makes in his life. Kirrin is hungry and ambitious and is able to take advantage of almost any situation.  Unfortunately, those choices will have consequences that he could never have foreseen.  Sure, it’s easy to manage the things you can predict– but life tends to throw variables into the picture.  What then? Kirrin wasn’t counting on that.

I am always so amazed at what each set of fresh eyes discovers and brings to the development:) Luck’s Pawn also grew by 15,000 words and will get another round of edits, as well. Both of them clock in at 95k-100k words at this point.  I swear I will stop before 100k!  Really!


As you know, Kirrin is trying to redeem himself in Luck’s Pawn and takes the initiative more than once, hoping to make an impression on a ruthless but charismatic ruler. That sends him on an adventure that opens up a chance for him to show he is more than a brutish henchman. Yet again, that ambition blinds him to the consequences and this time he’ll have blood on his hands trying to redeem himself.

Luck’s Ruin has a fancy cover waiting for it.  Right now, it is at 75k words, bringing Kirrin back down to the desert to explore some ancient ruins.  He’ll meet the hill tribes again, try to broker a peace, get a ghostly warning (how many times can he get warned before he listens…?:). Ultimately, he may have to come to terms with who he is and what he wants, but he’ll find a way to make those things work while helping the people he cares about.


— Then we have all the Jedda books, that follow.  But I’ll save those updates for later! Luck’s Ruin should be completed within the next month– later than I had planned, I know.  Sorry- but it will be SOOOO worth the wait, I promise! After that, the next four books will be re-released, with new covers and edits every month.


THEN— I’ll get to focus on the second series –when the gods get involved! That will really be shaking things up and bring in some awesome characters that I can’t wait for you to meet!




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