Updates from the home front:)

And this week we said goodbye to July. What does that mean? Well, it means I need to jump on July’s main project– which barely got started, of course:) It also means that I spent most of the week up on the barn roof. No, literally.. on the roof:) That is the July project;) We now have about 2/3’s of the roof stripped (roll roofing, a bit like shingles.. but not:) replaced several questionable soft sections of actual wood-roof underneath.. and got 1/3 of it recovered. (the recovering was the fastest part. 99 percent is prep work– kind of like writing lololol:).

On the upside, the goats get a lot of free-grazing, since I let them out to go… almost wherever, so long as they are in voice-range (I call them every 10 minutes or so to check on their location. Goats devouring the neighbor’s prized roses.. generally… bad:)

I also got a bird’s eye view (again, literally) of the poor peach tree, which is bowed down to the ground with peaches… much to the goats JOY.. the branches that extend past the garden? A veritable snack buffet! Pic’s on the website for those who are curious;) SSSOOOOO  many peaches! I think it’s making up for two years with none!  I feel bad, though. I don’t think the branches are strong enough yet:( goats to the rescue:)

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