Welcome Back Kirrin: Bigger, bolder, and a tiny bit darker:)


After having spent a lot of this past year reworking, revising, editing and expanding… Kirrin is better, bolder and a little darker than before. It’s amazing what fresh eyes will bring to the writing and editing process.

I mostly sat down and started it as a “fresh read.” From page one, I found all the areas where “something” was missing, or lacking. I could see where a character needed to be developed more or their character explained in some way. I remember waaaaaayyy back, many years ago… a snippet of advice on writing-editing. Finish the manuscript. Put it in a drawer. Leave it for a year. Then go back and edit it. I can appreciate that concept so much more, now!

Anyway- the end result is that you get a much much better story. It’s about 15,000 words longer (more if you can count the areas that were revised but word count didn’t change). And, I have a shiny world map, and even added a glossary.

Luck’s Pawn is mostly done and ready, as well. YAY! So I can dive back into the finale of Luck’s Ruin.. woot woot!

Anyway- You can get a sneak peek preview right here-– and read the opening chapters in the coolest snappiest looks just like a book, format! I love so much about this website… even if I do still have to figure out how to use a lot of the development features:)

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