We’re going to the moon, Alice;)

The Moon.


It’s been fifty years since we first landed on the moon. More recently, we have been sending unmanned mission, to the moon, and to mars.  Maybe one day, we will go back up into space. Maybe even in our lifetimes.

But as noted, we do send unmanned missions and probes to the moon.  And, an author-friend of mine, Susan K Quinn .. who is also a physicist– landed a tiny slot, a payload slot, on an upcoming mission.  At first she was just going to send something of her own, because… how cool is that?  To look up at the moon, knowing something of yours is up there– waiting for some future explorer to uncover.

Then she decided she had a lot of space left over on her tiny capsule.  She is sending a microchip.  So, she created Writers on the Moon.  At first, she opened fifty slots.  They filled fast.  After she processed those, she opened up some more.  Well, I was thrilled to open my mail last week and see that I am number 122!





Now I need to figure out what story to send.  At first, I thought it was only room for a short story, and I was opting for Under Luck’s Curse, which tells about the last time the gods visited the planet and the upheaval it caused:)  Now, I am not sure.  I feel like the story should be profound and carry an impact.  It feels like an important decision!

Also, I have the additional option of including a story behind the story…and that sounds easier.. once I figure out what story to send:)


I’ll keep you posted.  But just remember, if you ever make it to the moon… there’s reading material waiting for you!

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