What the Survey Told Me

I wanted to know what my newsletter readers wanted to see in their mailbox– so I asked.

What the survey tells me. I live in a strange universe. Okay, I didn’t need a reader poll to tell me that. I’m thrilled to hear from so many of you. I probably should have added a bizarre little trivia question, just to find out unusual things, or normal things, like- how many of you are dog-owners, cat-owners or other-exotic-animal owners:) Maybe next time:)

I was surprised by the findings though, and not just the current results but the process. For example, I was initially surprised to see how many urban fantasy and paranormal readers I had. I was actually a little distressed and perplexed. But then my epic and sword and sorcery readers caught up.

So- my most enthusiastic followers are more interested in urban fantasy. Which I don’t really write. Huh! So, does that mean that you just like my newsletters? Like polls and contests, or that you also like good epic fantasy and have read the Chanmyr books? I have no idea! 🙂

But my epic readers definitely caught up. Almost half of you selected epic-high fantasy, with 43% voting for sword and sorcery… That made me feel better lol:) and almost as many voted for dark fantasy– you must be my die-hard core readers… Are my books that dark? I’ve been told I can get pretty grim.. but I don’t know with absolute certainty, what makes fantasy grimdark…? Any good examples are appreciated here:)

39% voted for urban fantasy/paranormal and 27% of you like young adult (which I think I cross into strongly:)

Where you buy your books– mainly Amazon. No surprise there– the behemoth that is slowly taking over the world:) But I was super surprised to discover that not very many are reading through kindle-unlimited especially given the high numbers of books some of you are reading! Wow! Is there a reason you don’t opt for the kindle unlimited option as readers? (enquiring minds want to know!:)

The vast majority of you seem to be prolific readers. Congratulations. I envy you! Most of you are reading 10-15 books/month. A handful over 20, and one voracious reading enthusiast devours 35-40 books per month!!! yowza!

And it seems like you are all pretty okay with a weekly newsletter, or twice per month, so I think I am on track in that department. And a mix of updates and promos was generally the ideal format. Yay! I got two things right!!! Generally 2-3 times a month– maybe…? I will promise that I won’t-don’t send mail if I don’t have something to share:)

oh- and for the person who actively avoids the HEA stories.. no worries there. I have a lot of ideas about how the main-epic arc completes, but haven’t foreseen all the character-endings…but I generally don’t do sunshine butterflies and roses:) I won’t intentionally sabotage any natural character arc.. and I have a few ‘OMG, I didn’t expect that’ seeds that I have planted and have been watering…if you have any specific requests, you may want to start submitting them early. I do listen to viable feedback– so… talk to me!

For the person who asked for more action and world-building: have you read luck’s pawn? More of that…?

Oh, and I will make a private page on the website for goat pics and videos– is that a bonus prize?

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  • Barbara Harrison
    April 24, 2019 - 11:46 am · Reply

    About KU: some of us are on VERY limited budgets and can ONLY afford freebies. Blessedly, there are PLENTY out there.

    • Terimuir
      April 27, 2019 - 5:41 pm · Reply

      I heard you, and I appreciate what you mean. I just made Borrowed Luck FREE– so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, go grab it now:) The rest are on sale at 99 cents… but if you enter the giveaway, you might win the 5.00 gift card, or one of the special bonus book prizes:)

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