Book Five: A Change of Luck

Back in Before Luck Runs Out, Jedda met and fell in love with Diya. Then he had to flee from Hak’kar’s wrath. Now we get to follow Diya and find out what happens to her after he leaves.

Diya was born and raised to have no demands or expectations. She lived a charmed but frivolous life, waiting to make the perfect marriage. A forced marriage to Hak’kar’s son changes everything.

Rather than submit to such a horrific choice that will put her family in jeopardy, she follows Jedda’s example, and flees.

In a whole new world, she cannot rely on her name or status. Now she learns how to make her way, using her wits and charm to make the best of a bad situation.

All the while, she is waiting for the time when she can be reunited with Jedda. But she gets impatient, and makes a rash decision that may put her right in Hak’kar’s hands.

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